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Custom Car LED Board

Custom Car LED Board

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Looking for a way to add some personality to your car's display? Look no further than the Custom Car LED Board! This fun and easy-to-use product allow you to create your own animated GIFs or images for a unique display. With 8 mobile modes, Bluetooth control, and built-in pictures and animations, this product is perfect for anyone looking to add some flair to their driving experience. 


1. Control mode: Bluetooth APP

2. Message: 8 messages, each message contains multiple characters

.3. Run list supports 3 font styles (normal, italic, bold)

4. The brightness is adjustable. Adjustable speed

5. 8 different mobile modes (Left, Right, Hold, Snow, Up, Down, Flash, Marque)

6. Preset graphic symbols (phone, heart, star, arrows, triangles, square...)

7. Preset graphics, such as the smiley face, heart, no smoking, national flag, etc.

8. Create your own drawings and images.

9. On/off control directly on the app10. Life: more than 100,000 hours

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