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Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

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Mobile phone screens can quickly become a smudgy mess of fingerprints, dust, and dirt. Now you can finally restore your devices to pristine condition with the Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner. This handy tool is designed with convenience and practicality in mind, featuring an easy one-spray-one-wipe method for maximum screen cleanliness. The spray bottle comes with a soft microfiber cloth that's perfect for removing all those stubborn little smudges and debris. Plus, it features a separate bottle for detergent so that it can be inserted or replaced conveniently when needed. The specialized cleaning solution is prepared with an assortment of ingredients such as surfactants, solvents, fragrances, preservatives, thickeners and acid-base regulators to ensure maximum protection against stains and scratches. Keep all your devices clean and sparkling with the professional grade Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner!


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1* Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner 

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